“Are you ready for a revolution?”

Ozomatli, Los Angeles’s eclectic Latin-Rock fusion band, has been doing this for twenty one years now. They’re one of the liveliest shows around, and at the jam packed Music Box, they again proved why to a crowd representative of San Diego’s diverse population.

Following a movie preview style slide show of fun facts (did you know they used to eat the food out of Lenny Kravitz’s dressing room when they opened for him in 1998?), the six piece took the stage and proceeded to play the hits of the past, including those from their upcoming album of classic Mexican songbook songs. Though the band has seen the number of members dwindle over the years, their energy remains as boundless as ever; multi-instrumentalist Raul Pacheco and bassist Wil-dog are constantly dancing across the stage as the entire band encourages audience participation, none higher than during a tribute to Selena.

The band members always fit the theme of the night, which was, as always, movement. The packed dance floor sambaed all night long, while those with more space along the venue’s reserved balcony danced with more freedom.

And, it ended as it always ends:

“Before we go/every time we leave/it goes a little something like this: everybody say Ozomatli…” as the band picked up their instruments, climbed into the crowd, and lead a drum circle and samba line to wrap up the evening, even blocking the doors such that the audience had no choice but to joyfully participate.

Ozo are regulars at the race track concert series, and are not to be missed next time around.

Photos By: Alexander Dantes
Review By: David Israel