Chula Vista locals No Sympathy reunited for a bass-rattling show on Saturday, November 18th.

No Sympathy hasn’t played together since 1998, pushing writing music to the back burner in favor of focusing instead on their family and day jobs. They had a four-year run with a varied lineup, ultimately settling on the current members: Isaac Contreras, lead singer, Tim Fears, Bassist, and Alec Dare on drums. The band met at Hilltop High School, and were influenced by Korn, Quicksand, Nirvana, and Blackstar.

Despite the long layoff, the band still plays with the skills and chemistry they had back then. Kicking off the setlist with new material, Contreras dove right into the night with blaring vocals on “Never/Forever.” The new material showed influences from hard rock, displaying driving bass lines and an aggressive vocal delivery.

Classic songs “619” and “Daddy’s Little Girl” lit up the room with their energy, leading to heads banging and bobbing throughout the floor. The band’s performance of a Fluf cover, “Nirvana/Brass Ring,” had the Black Cat’s spirits running high. New songs “The Veil” and “Fractured” were well received.

It was great to see the passion and chemistry of the band have remained. Be on the lookout for upcoming material on No Sympathy’s bandcamp and soundcloud.

Review By: Izzy Soto
Photos by: Alex Matthews