How do you pull a crowd into Soda Bar on a Wednesday night? You book talented bands; like Wizard Woes and Mr.Twin Sister.

I was introduced to the incredible local duo, Wizard Woes. Set up with an Octa Pad and keyboard I was washed into a smooth lounge dance party. They had a very energetic show with Ryan dropping it low to the floor while Chad kept the beats going. Their was also a crazed fan who kept trying to touch the Octa Pad,but the boys stayed focused and brought low synth beats with hardly any vocals. It was a lively way to set for the night. I also got to chat with the two after their set and they had some interesting facts to share.

While Timothy The DJ spun inside, I stepped out to the back of the bar for my mini interview. Meeting at a laundry mat Chad & Ryan built up a bromance. Ryan showed tracks to Chad that he had been working on and had asked him to be his “hype man” on stage for his first Wizard Woes show. Being all about it Chad agreed and asked to bring along his electronic drum pad. The two mixed their sounds and developed what they have today. These two have been playing shows for a little over a year now and have decided to take a break from performing to record Wizard Woes 2.0, expected to come out early next year. Moving on from their music, I asked a personal question, who is was their same sex crush? Chad’s answer was Avey Tare from Animal Collective, while Ryan’s answer was Stephen Malkmus from Pavement. AGREE.

As I hustled back inside I had made it back just in time. Mr. Twin Sister was all set up and ready to go. Lead singer Andrea Estella’s fashion sense was well noted. She was dressed in a white sailors hat with her hair split into pigs tails, red multi patterned overalls and topped it off with killer blue eyebrows.They moved through songs from all their records. From their debut 2009 record Vampires with Dreaming Kids, to their current self titled record Mr.Twin Sister. Soft songs like “Lady Daydream” and “Blush” had the crowd swaying back and forth.While tracks like “Stop” gave the crowd more to dance to. Adding a new percussionist player to their already lively band, their sound was that much more full. With a live saxophone, Mr.Twin Sister could do no wrong. The whole evening was a blur of steamy tracks and unique dance moves. I was lucky enough to sit at the bar and ask Andrea some questions after the show.

Interview with Andrea of Mr. Twin Sister below. 

Who is your same sex crush?

My best friend Kales.

Most embarrassing song on your playlist?

I’m not embarrassed of any of my songs. My favorite and recent is…shit, I don’t know. I don’t really make playlist anymore.

Selfies. Are you down?

Yeah. Guilty as fuck.

Favorite place you’ve performed?

The Bottle Tree? Middle America? They had an RV in the back that you could rent out for the night and the whole place was decorated in weird carnival stuff. Maybe it was Birmigham Alabama?

Most used emojis?

The red ballon.


Makes me feel like I’m slowly floating through a party.

What’s your best groupie story?

I would say one time I met these drunk Cowboys and they wanted to meet Julian Casablancas. They got so shit faced and they were so adorable but didn’t know what they were taking about. They stood there all night and didn’t want to go to school in the AM but I just had to tell them to fuck off.

Interview and Review By: April Almaraz