Mild High Club

Mild High Club and Jerry Paper jazzed-up The Irenic on Friday, November 17th.

Jerry Paper was the first to go on with moody jazz guitars that mellowed out The Irenic. The crowd grooved to Jerry Paper’s “Chameleon World” from his 2014 album, “Big Pop Chameleon World.” People were focused on Paper’s sporadic dancing of Paper and his baritone vocals layered nicely on top of his warm guitars. The combination of styles had the people listening attentively. Jerry Paper was a great, woozy opener with his psychedelic pop that parallels the music of Mild High Club.

When Mild High Club took the stage, they had their audience two-stepping along to the walking bass of “Homage” from the 2016 album, Skiptracing. The couples danced slowly to the jangled, 12-string guitars while the pit rocked back and forth to the mildly high melodies. In between songs, Mild High Club would throw out experimental instrumentals that had the people anticipating the next hit.

Although the gloomy sounds of the song “Skiptracing” filled the venue, people were delighted to hear their favorite tunes from the latest album. One other thing that added to the glum rock was the slow and bendy leads. They were both melodic and rhythmic guitar parts complimented with arpeggio keyboards. People naturally melted into the music of Mild High Club. At one point, the name of the band actually foretold the atmosphere at the Irenic: It was a smokey club with laid-back music.

Review by: Hector Quintero
Photos by: Nicholas Regalado