Photo Courtesy of MEEP’s Facebook

With so many great events happening in Tijuana, we wanted know more about the newest group \throwing shows with amazing artists. ListenSD chatted with Música en el Patio; out conversation is below.

Who is MEEP (Música En El Patio)?

Meep is a collective that lets emerging talents, that we support, perform. These artist are people that we think have creative potential. We love music, and are always ready to listen to new proposals. Also in our events, we like to create a pleasant and unique experience for both the public attending and the artists that are playing.

We are three people: Amor Amezcua, Estrella Sanchez & Andres Corella.

How often do you put on shows?

We do put them on as often as we can. That is regularly about every 3 to 4 months. We, as an audience that also attends shows, like to be frequent. Not to have to wait a long to see an artist again or attend a festival is something we can relate to, that is why we enjoy being consistent with our events.

How did you book artist like The Garden Twins & WU-WU to play one of your shows?

It was Enjoy (side project of Wyatt Shears) who played. It all happened because we met Ashley Star (Wu -Wu) at a show of  The Garden and so we exchanged contact info because we really wanted to bring both projects to Tijuana for some time . It was actually super natural how it all happened. They contacted us in search of shows and we, of course, agreed . The show went amazing. We loved it!

ListenSD was at your last show at The Gastro Park. How did that event come together?

MEEP has previously been in different places. We literally began in Andres’s backyard and from there it evolved . The latest event was at Moustache, and as we looked for a way to expanding into a place that would be much larger and for all ages , we were given the opportunity to do it there (at the Gastro Park)  and put on that show. We had great acts such as Grenda, Point Loma, Twin Cabins & more.

When is your next event?

Although not defined , but we hope to have the summer edition number seven of MEEP.


By: April Almaraz