Warning: Much like a Matt & Kim show, this review is filled with fun times and foul language – proceed with caution.

Matt and Kim

The indie-electronic duo packed the house for a sold-out Monday night show. Known for their infectious beat driven anthems, explosive live performances, and candid onstage dialogue, Matt & Kim truly delivered for their first show in San Diego in 3 years.

The pair came out with a bang; Matt hyped the crowd as Kim showed off her signature dance moves. After taking a break from touring due to an onstage accident early last year, they assured the audience they’re “back and more badass than ever” and they promise to prove it to us.

Inviting fans to get loose on a Monday night, the crowd obliged. As they played hit after hit, the audience participated in traditional Matt & Kim antics- blowing up balloons and tossing them like beach balls, crowd surfing in floats, and splitting the room into the wall of death. Matt requested that on the cue, “Surprise mother fucker!” the two sides run into each other for their entertainment. Without hesitation, die-hard fans accommodated his invitation.

The dance party heated up as they sampled house favorites from Duck Sauce and Major Lazer. Things got wilder and wilder as Matt doused the crowd with water and Kim danced on top of her drum kit. The energy had built into a full-on explosion as the entire room sang along to every word of their most popular hit, “Daylight.”

Following deafening roars, the two reappeared on the stage for an encore exclaiming, “We are not fucking done yet!” With balloons, confetti, and water flying in every direction Matt & Kim hold nothing back as they closed with, “Let’s Go.”

Earlier in the performance, the married couple shared that they appreciate a good sweat onstage. Matt said, “We’ve played a couple of colder shows this tour and haven’t broken a sweat. It’s like having sex and not sweating.” We have to agree with them. If you leave a Matt & Kim show and you’re not drenched in sweat – you just didn’t do it right.

Catch them on the rest of their tour and make sure to check out “Almost Everyday”, releasing in May!

REVIEW BY: Lauren Pettigrew
PHOTOS BY: Allyson Ta

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