Artist: Low Points
Title: Feels
Label: Bleeding Gold Records
Release Date: March 3rd, 2017

Low Points does a lot in just a 4-song EP. Mixing early WAVVES with catchy choruses and harmonies, these garage punks will bring new light to San Diego’s surf punk scene.

Right away the first track, “Life Goes On,” will have you singing the chorus subconsciously. “Life goes on and the Earth still spins/People move on and that’s something you should forget.” That refrain really sticks in your brain!

Their garage pop style continues into the second track “Daze.” This song gives listeners a Weezer vibe; cool guitar leads and catchy singing. Kevin Vega does a great job in capturing a perfect mix of pop and rock with his vocal delivery.

In “No Place” you can really hear the early WAVVES influence. The monotone vocals and upbeat drumming creates an ideal song to mosh like crazy. The last track “Vegas” gives you a bittersweet ending. The song captures a hopeless mood, but one that you can overcome. You can say that this song hones into your FEELingS. 😉

Overall Feels is a great debut for a band that’s just getting started in the scene. The EP is out now through Field Trips and Bleeding Gold Records. Listen to the whole EP below!

Review by: Luis Mireles