Meet ListenSD’s newest local music obsession: The Verigolds!

This pysch pop quartet is made up of bandmates Jenna Cotton, Craig Schreiber, Eliot Ross and Ben Smedley. Their new album, mysteriously named For Margaret, is dropping very soon! We want to hear it and maybe find out who Margaret is…

ListenSD is joining the band for their album release party March 26 at the Music Box with Swimm, Pearl Charles, and San Diego locals the Gloomies. We can’t WAIT for this show but for now, let’s get to know the Verigolds with this short and sweet interview.


How did the Verigolds get their start?

Ben and I were gonna play an acoustic set for our friend Celeste’s art show and we didn’t have the balls to be alone, and we found Jenna, who we met at the OB Noodle House… And then we started jamming and then we needed a drummer and Jenna introduced us to her friend Craig, who wasn’t a drummer… But, well, he actually is a drummer!

Alternate answer: We met behind the OB Noodle House in a little magical lair Margaret refers to as “the box.”

Describe your songwriting process. Do you have one main songwriter or is it more of a group effort?

Mishmash–it’s very loose and casual… All of our songs are a group effort and inspired by Margaret.

The Verigolds are one of ListenSD’s favorite local bands! What are the Verigolds’ favorite local bands?

Well, gosh thanks! Some of our local favorites include Creature & the Woods, The Midnight Pine, The Lulls, Taurus Authority, Garden Echo and Small Culture.

You guys play lots of local shows. Describe the best San Diego show you’ve had so far.

The Belly Up was very special–the vibe and sound was right. We like to be close to the tides.

Besides your CD release party on March 26th with ListenSD, what else do the Verigolds have planned?

It’s the next chapter for us, so we are in the works of putting together the pages as it still is a bit of an unknown story. We’re dropping the album next week… Hopefully!


Grab tix to see them LIVE at Music Box for their CD Release party 3/26 with SWIMM, Pearl Charles and The Gloomies HERE.

Interview By: Lara McCaffrey