5 days after Beach Goth, these San Diego natives will head to the Observatory North Park to play alongside SWMRS and FIDLAR. We chatted with Mikey, vocalist and guitarist of The Frights, to learn more about what they’re up to now and where they got all the “weird sounds” for their latest record.

Be sure to check out The Frights on Friday, October 28th 2016 at Observatory North Park with FIDLAR and SWMRS!

The Frights

The Frights

Right at this moment, what are you doing?

Watching a video of some lady yelling at a Starbucks employee for using her credit card number to buy groceries. It’s awkward. I feel upset.

Where did the name “The Frights” come from?  How did you guys come up with that?

It was something our old drummer came up with. There’s absolutely no meaning to it. It works though. I’ve grown to really like it!

What band are you guys compared to the most? How do you feel about that comparison?

This one kid called us Diet FIDLAR. That’s amazing. We get Weezer, Violent Femmes, Pixies, that kind stuff. I like all those comparisons. I wish people would say we sound like Sugar Ray. Thats when I’ll be satisfied.

How do you think living and being from San Diego influences your music and songwriting?

I love the fact that we’re a “San Diego Band.” It was nice not having to come up as a band in that whole LA thing where there’s tons of competition. It made the whole deal a much more relaxed process, in true San Diego fashion I suppose. Musically, it’s a really nice place to write. Quiet. Everyone leaves you alone. 

It’s really cool that you guys did a track by track commentary for your new album, You Are Going to Hate This. It gives people a chance to learn about what went into each song. It’s also cool seeing you guys just chilling in your element. How did you guys decide to film a track by track commentary?  What was the response like from your fans?

The track by track idea was our label’s idea! That was a fun day. We just hung out at the headquarters and filmed a bunch of bullshit hahaha. I love talking about the songs in-depth too… it makes for a fun conversation. I don’t really know what the fans thought to be honest I didn’t see what they said about it. I thought it was cool.

You guys mixed in Christian music for the song “Puppy Knuckles” and a phone ringing in “Tungs”. What inspired you to use sounds that you wouldn’t necessarily expect in these types of songs?

There’s a whole bunch of weird sounds on that record. That’s all Zac. Weirdo. 

What are you guys listening to now?

Sticky Fingers, Front Bottoms, Elvis Costello, The Beatles and WEEZER BABY OWWWWWWWWWWWW.


Interview By: Lauren Villa