Austin-based, blues-rock band Black Pistol Fire will play The Casbah on Sunday, November 19th. If you are a fan of honest-to-goodness rock, you won’t want to miss these guys live. We got a chance to ask drummer Eric Owen a few questions in anticipation of their San Diego show. Check it out below.


You started off your tour in September and other than a short break in late December and January, you’ll be touring through March. How do you guys handle life on the road?
Sleep as much as possible, eat good food whenever available, and try to squeeze in a run if you can to keep up the health!
So far, any outstanding moments from the tour? A great venue, a fun audience? Bowery Ballroom in NYC was pretty wild. This crying attractive female jumped on stage and added to the magic of the show. Toronto was great as well. Mosh Pits on a Sunday evening!
You released your fifth album, Deadbeat Graffiti, in September and many are saying it is one of the best records of the year. What was the process for writing and recording the record?
We’re really happy with it! It took place in different batches over the course of 8 months. We would get 2 or 3 songs ready to go and then head to the studio to knoCK em out. Next thing I know, Kev has 3 more ideas already lined up for the next round. We wanted to challenge our listeners and ourselves with what we can do. Because of that, you hear a lot of different sounds on the album.
Your sound has been compared to that of The Black Keys. What do you think of that comparison or any comparison in general?
It’s kind of unfair. Sure, I think some of our earlier songs have big bluesy riffs so I can see that for sure. But if someone listenew to Deadbeat Graffiti or our last album Don’t Wake The Riot, and didn’t know that we were a duo, I don’t think anyone would make that comparison. But, it is what it is.
You’re originally from Toronto but you’ve been living in Austin for a while now. What drew you to Austin? Obviously it is one of the most well-known and highly-respected music towns in the US, but what about the city fit your band well?
There is so much music and so many musicians in Austin, you have to elevate your game and playing! I think that challenge was a big factor early on in our growth and really helped cement our work ethic.
You’ve shared the stage with so many great artists, Wolfmother, Band of Skulls, Black Rebel Motorcycle club. If you were putting together your dream festival, who would you invite on stage that you haven’t played with yet?
Arctic Monkeys
Cage The Elephant
Ty Segall
Thee Oh Sees
Bass Drum of Death
Shannon and the Clams
The Growlers
What is one thing that your fans don’t know about you? And for that matter, let’s make this a little more challenging, tell us something that your bandmate doesn’t know about you either.
Greta Gerwig is currently my favorite actress. I am a HUGE fan of the Mumblecore movie movement! Her new film Lady Bird is excellent!
Interview by: Sylvia Borgo