Mangey Mousegoat - Patrick Scully

Grounded in punk ethos, the creative world of Patrick Scully’s FUKD World Studios is a low-brow adult comedy using DIY puppets, animation, live action, and other mixed media that is a comedic stance on contemporary life.

Mangey Mousegoat, the central underground cult classic character leads the charge in challenging social and political norms along with his motley crew. Created with waste: repurposed single use plastics, cardboard and tape, the rawness and immediacy of Patrick’s creations directly challenge the status quo. Coming fresh off an exclusive exhibit at the San Diego Public Library, Patrick’s passion for art and storytelling is authentic and imaginative.

Let’s hear from the artist himself as we get to learn a bit more about the elusive, visionary punk behind the art:

What’s up Scully! Where are you from and when did you start creating art?

I’m from Worcester, Massachusetts and I started creating art as soon as I could hold a pencil crayon.

Can you tell us a bit about the beginning and inspiration of your art universe called the FUKD World and the infamous Mangey Mousegoat?

I started creating Mangy Mousegoat at first as a corporate cartoon icon for my skateboard company, Tasty Skateboards. Someone was like, hey, do you have a logo? Like a corporate logo for tasty? I said, no, we have a bunch of different logos. Every skateboard is different.

Tasty Skateboards     Tasty Skateboards      Tasty SkateboardsMangeyBoston      Tasty Skateboards       Mangey Mousegoat

We don’t just run with the same fucking thing. They say, well, all these other companies have these logos, and you need a logo. And I was like, oh, I need a logo. And so me being snotty, I try to throw together, like, kind of a rip off of a Mickey mouse, but with the little red shorts and the gloves, something like that, but more like a golden God. Kind of how, like when Moses came down from Mount Sinai, he found his people worshiping.

They had made a golden calf and sort of like that. But instead of that, I wanted him to be kind of like. Instead of golden, I wanted to be, like, piss colored. And he’s pissing his pants everywhere. And he’s just really mangy looking, and he’s desperate and he’s hungry and he’s starving. And he’s funny, though. He’s having fun. He’s getting drunk. He’s living the way that we were living at that time and the way I’m living actually right now. So that’s basically how I came up with Mangey.

And I started drawing him, and it was making people laugh. So I was drawing him all over the place. And then next thing you know, my friends wanted to get tattoos of him. And then, so I started doing tattoos on all my skateboard friends and my friends I worked with and my whole skate team. And then that turned into me making these handcut skateboards.

I got an art show given to me at visual in San Diego, and I started cranking out these Mangey’s, dude. I did 15 handcut boards for Mangey. Mousco’s first art show, the rise and heavy follow Mangey Mousegoat had his 15 seconds of fame. One board for every second of his fame, right? So that’s kind of where we were at.

And then it just launched from there. Everyone wanted a Mangey. Everyone wanted a Mangey tat. Everyone wanted something off a Mangey. And then started cranking out t shirts and lapel pins, and it just became wooden bar signs, and it just spread.

It became bigger than what I was originally even intending to do with it. And next thing you know, I’m hanging out with all my friends and, like, Pete Smollick was the second one. He’s a professional skateboarder, the creative skate mafia shorties. He wrote for shorties Osiris in the 90s, he was scare of the year for Transworld. He’s sick ass style awesome, dude.

I ended up skating backyard pools with his brother back in the day, and his brother helped build Washington street, and I came out to help with that, so it was just fun. I would hang out that guy a lot, and he was a character, and I was like, dude, we got to make you a character. And I started looking at all my friends, and he became two gram Sam. Obviously, if you know Pete, then that makes sense. But I started making characters based on all my friends and their personalities, because all my friends were kind of like these little monster creatures in their own right.

So we started cranking those out, and it just started growing, and then it became the FUKD World.

Mangey Mousegoat Wild Ride

Immerse yourself in a fusion of art and music for “Mangey Mousegoat’s Wild Ride” featuring Patrick Scully’s captivating art showcase, including the maniacal Mangey Mousegoat.

Talented live musical acts:

7 pm – All Monster Review (Theatrical Rock ‘n Roll)
8:15 pm – Jesse Ray Smith (An enchanting Singer/Songwriter)
9 pm – Please Ask for Paul (Experience a soulful Acoustic Duo)
10 pm – DJ URCHN (Groove to Lo-Fi Beats)

*also featuring special guests from the San Diego music scene including Jake Najor (Big Daddy Kane/TV on the Radio), Shelbi Bennet (Midnight Pine), Calen Lucas (The Cedar Shakers/Thunderbeast, Jimmy Schmitz (Coral Bells) and Craig Schreiber (Verigolds/Pheromones)

*Some of the proceeds for the event will benefit the Groundswell Community Project, a nonprofit surf therapy training program.