Photographs of The Shelters live at the Casbah by Ryan Saint James 2016 for ListenSD

The Shelters – Casbah – 2016

91x threw a big party on Tuesday December 13th at the Casbah with The Shelters, The Verigolds, and Mrs. Henry. The show was sold out. On a Tuesday. No back room bands.  All main stage.  Packed.  Rock n’ Roll.  It’s out there.

Let’s be brief.  Tom Petty produced The Shelters’ debut record, which is fucking really good by the way, so as a major Petty fan I was excited to see the spectacle. They delivered. With open arms.  Style, attitude, harmony, all that makes rock n’ roll great.  Polished too.  Good lookin’ rock n’ roll boys, playing the role.  What we need. Now more than ever.

The Verigolds didn’t disappoint either.  Their melodic tunes and stage energy had me sold for several moments at a time, keeping me from shooting while their beautiful sultry front woman Jenna Cotton had me swooning in her velvet jumpsuit and matching pumps.  #velvet #babe #band

Show openers Mrs. Henry brought their usual throwback ruckis.  Yes, the term “throwback” sucks.  But, they are doing justice musically to a time when you recorded live to tape, bell bottoms on guys were normal, and fuck, the drugs were probably better.  Maybe not the weed.  All I can say, as always, Mrs. Henry IS rock n’ roll.  The authentic type our Dad’s believed in and taught us about as kids.  If I didn’t know them, I wouldn’t believe they were our own.  #sandiegorockandroll #analogplayersinadigitalworld

Photos and words by:  Ryan James Abribat