The 2017 Kaaboo Lineup. I will not make a Smash Mouth joke.

Kaaboo’s lineup dropped this morning, and are we ever excited to get back to the Fairgrounds in September. Headlined by the just-departed-San Diego Red Hot Chili Peppers and Muse, P!nk (hey, knock off that cynicism, she’s pretty damn talented), and legend Tom Petty, Kaaboo promises to be highly memorable – and with this year’s improved logistics, not because you’ll be stuck there for two hours.

While Muse and RHCP are the big draws, don’t fail to notice that local favorites Little Hurricane are among an under card including solid bands to keep you entertained both throughout the afternoon and in to the late night, when presumably David Guetta will play.  Kaaboo again brings a little bit of nostagia, with Alanis Morissette, Live, and The Wallflowers set to line up in the mid-afternoon slots, with Garbage and Jane’s Addiction bringing a little bit of edge to the proceedings.

Keep an eye out for the comedy line up, coming soon. And two eyes out for DJ Diesel, because you don’t want to accidentally run in to Shaq.

All joking aside, we’re looking forward to what has proven in the first two iterations to be a great festival. Tickets are here.

Update: After a little sleuthing, RHCP and P!nk will both play Friday, September 15, while Muse will play Saturday night. By process of elimination, Tom Petty plays Sunday to close out the festival.