K. Flay ended her headlining tour at the Observatory  North Park on May 8, 2018, making the rescheduled show worth the wait.

At exactly 9:45, K.Flay’s band took the stage as an ambient roar filled the Observatory. K. Flay started out the night with “Make Me Fade” an older song from “Life as a Dog.” She displayed her strong stage presence, rocking out halfway through her song with her guitarist, captivating the audience and making the crowd enthusiastically plead for more.

Throughout the night, the screens behind her featured cartoon replicas of herself, and at times playing TV static as if to represent white noise, a well balanced juxtaposition of the emotions  expressed in her lyrics.

K. Flay acknowledged the delay from her initially scheduled date due to permit issues at Observatory, saying “San Diego, we’ve been waiting 4 months to play this show…” and then jumped right in to Dreamers” from her most recent album, “Everywhere is Somewhere.” K. Flay also performed “It’s Strange,” done in collaboration with production duo Louis The Child  which even though given the genre of K. Flay’s music style still fit perfectly with her set. Much of K. Flay’s music deeply resonated with many audience members as nearly everyone screamed along to  K. Flay’s lyrics with intense angst.

If anything, K. Flay has proved herself to be an artist to watch showcasing a versatility in sound and expression. K. Flay displayed throughout the night incredibly distinctive lyrics that veer on the end of edginess and serious vulnerability.

Review By: Rachêl Barocio
PHOTOS BY: Soni Bhalla

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