Jamila Woods did not disappoint in delivering magic and empowerment at Soda Bar on December 9th. 

Jamile Woods

Jamila Woods

Anticipation for this show was high, and both acts fully delivered on the expectations set for them. Tasha opened up the night with a poem about the things she believed in including “the color pink… bubbles on my nose and warm water… ” The way she expressed it was so light and soft; it was pure and a beautiful yet different way of starting out the night.

Tasha let us know how content she was to be in San Diego, stating that “the thing about not being in Chicago is I feel emboldened to do things I wouldn’t normally do if I was home… cause like y’all don’t know me…” As she finished this statement, she introduced her second song this being the only ever performed it once in front of a live audience in LA the night before. She ended her set with perhaps what’s currently a favorite song of hers called “Lullaby,” an ode and a sweet melody to black girl magic.

Shortly after, Jamila came onstage, commencing with a beautiful instrumental piece on the keys by Music Reloaded. Throughout the entire night, Jamila had an energy of grace and swiftness. Every song she performed exuded magic and empowerment, delivering poetry and songs of social and political issues.

There were so many favorites of this night that it’s difficult to just pick one, but a particular line in “VRY BLK” “Double, double, this, this, …. double, double, that, that… ” was a pleasant reminder of childhood games. Jamila ended her set by dedicating “Blk Girl Soldier” off HEAVN (2016) and allowing for her band to showcase their skills by each one having a solo.

Review by: Rachêl Barocio