photo by Pooneh Ghana

The internal compass that wants to put things in a quick category and move on may be set awry when you first hear Post Animal. They break the mold by spanning decades with their pop melody meets psych rock jam band meets heavy rock sound and by having multiple lead singers manning the front line. It’s kinda weird, and it really works.

Post Animal plays the Soda Bar this Sunday, just having played Bonnaroo in Tennessee. They are currently on tour supporting their album When I Think Of You In A Castle. Post Animal consists of Dalton Allison (bass), Jake Hirshland (guitar/keyboard), Javi Reyes (guitar), Wesley Toledo (drums), Matt Williams (guitar) and Joe Keery (guitar), who is currently on hiatus from the band. 
ListenSD spoke with Matt Williams, guitarist and vocalist of Post Animal, who answered a few questions before they play San Diego this weekend.
You recently played the Shaky Knees Festival in Atlanta, GA and Bonnaroo in Tennessee. How were these experiences? Did you find them different than playing shows in clubs? Any run-ins with other musicians you admire?
These were probably the best show experiences we’ve had. We’re not used to having crowds that go into the thousands range. We’re usually playing in small clubs with a pretty intimate crowd. So that’s very crazy. The energy is instantly insane because people are so pumped for the festival weekend. They’re in the right mindset.
We kinda have walked by a lot of people we admire. Walked past the members of Pond. Got the metal sign from Jack Black. Saw Justin Vernon tearing apart a ham sandwich. Pretty crazy to be in the vicinity of some real players.
What’s your favorite venue to play in your hometown of Chicago, and why? What do you miss about being away?
We probably collectively think Thalia Hall is the best spot in Chicago. It’s the most beautiful, and the sound and hospitality are great. We all miss our friends and loved ones, but there’s something magical about hitting the dusty trail. Definitely will be nice to see the people we most love again at the end of it all, though.
photo by Pooneh Ghana

photo by Pooneh Ghana

How do you decide what music you listen to in the van while all together on tour? And is there one album or song that has taken over as the theme of the tour?

Whoever’s sitting in the driver or front passenger seat sort of decides. We just throw it on when the mood strikes usually. No themes really on this trip! Very eclectic though. Currently have heard Pink Floyd, Post Malone, and Frank Ocean today. It’s all over the place.

Have you ever been to San Diego before and do you have any expectations?

Yes! Played at the  Soda Bar once before. I have been over 10 times because my sister lives there. It’s a very beautiful and chill city. Last year’s show was fun, so we hope the same for this one.

Who would be the dream band for Post Animal to tour with from the Past and from the Present?

Black Sabbath, hands down. Past and present.

There are so many of you standing out front and seemingly taking turns being the “Lead Guy.” Do you find people have a problem with this and feel like you are breaking any “rules of rock?” What’s your stance on this?

We don’t think about it. It’s just how it is. If anything, people are usually happy that we switch up who sings what. I think it’s refreshing. The voice is very unique, and everyone adds their own flavor to a song. There are truly no rules in music.

What makes you know you had a good show? 

If we get off the stage and we’re smiling, sweating, and the people who came out are smiling and sweating, then it was a successful show.

What are you looking forward to most in the next year?

Just seeing how we grow as a band and as people. This musical journey has already been a blessing, so we’re grateful for everything we’ve encountered!

Zeppelin, Sabbath, Floyd or _____?

Sabbath and Floyd for sure. Metallica for Wes [Toledo]. Journey for Jake [Hirshland]. The Grateful Dead for Javi [Reyes]. The Beatles for everyone.

Catch Post Animal at the Soda Bar June 17, and check out the music video for  “Tire Eyes.” 
Interview by: Kristy Walker