Fans lined up around the block for this sold out all ages show! Hyped to see both Homeshake and Mild High Club at the Observatory North Park on December 20th.

Mild High Club set the show’s pace with their hypnotic and, at times, jazz-inflected music. The band’s five musicians subtly switched positions and instruments throughout their set.  After their set, a couple of Mild High Club’s setlists were handed to fans. They were written with a Sharpie on scraps of paper. Very DIY.

Homeshake’s stage was set with a levitating disco ball. Homeshake was started by its Frontman Peter Sagar in 2011, after being a guitarist for Mac Demarco’s live band. Since then, Sagar has released quite a substantive catalog of music including their album Fresh Air released earlier in 2017.

Sagar sang with an almost falsetto voice, thanks to his voice-modulating microphone. At one point, as he spoke to the audience, he swiftly shifted his voice from high, to low, and back to his natural timbre.

There was a pause in the middle of one of their songs, dramatic and sustained, and the audience began hollering their adoration. Once the excitement level increased even more, Sagar’s modulated voice and the music resumed.

Throughout both bands’ sets, fans swayed peacefully to down-tempo tunes. It was like mindfulness for the masses, being readied for a dreamy bedtime. The night saw one lone crowd-surfer, who amusingly did not get the memo on the bands’ vibe.

Sagar ended the show with an appreciative nod saying, “thank you so much for being here.”

Check out Homeshake’s Site for music, merch and tour information.

Check out Mild High Club on their Bandcamp Page.

Review By: Jackie Ferguson
Photos By: Evan Schell