Artist: Grimes
Release Date: June 26, 2014
Track: “Go

Claire Boucher, or more famously known as pop’s elf queen Grimes, just dropped her first release in almost two years on Zane Lowe’s BBC Radio 1 Show.

The new summer track “Go”, created with the help of Boucher’s friend and producer Blood Diamonds, was originally intended for pop-superstar Rihanna. And even though the song’s a Rihanna reject, Grimes manages to create an enchanting dreamscape with sugary vocals accompanied by a backdrop of echo-y screams and an EDM freak-out. Since it was orginally written for Ri Ri, it’s a little more commercial than a typical Grimes song and features a healthy dose of dubstep for the club kids.

Nonetheless, the track captures Grimes’ trademark airy ambiance and fuses it with some body-moving beats to create a sugary sweet summer jam that leaves your mouth watering for her fourth studio album, which has yet to be given an official release date.

Download “Go” via Grimes’ website for free.

By: Samantha Shaffer