Flying Lotus Melting Minds with his 3D Visuals

In my mind, the Flying Lotus show at the Observatory North Park was the shortest set I’d ever seen. In reality, the time bending set lasted about an hour and a half; I was so enraptured by what was happening on stage, hours slipped away from me unnoticed.

From the man himself, dancing rapturously behind his control board to the morphing, melting visuals behind him; every detail was captivating. FlyLo is a musician at the top of his game and it was a pleasure to watch him in action.

The crowd buzzed, friends huddled together sipping drinks, everyone wearing the signature scarlet glasses of the Flying Lotus 3D tour. “Isn’t he already in 3D?” I heard a cynical hipster say, as I wove my way to the front right stage. This was more than than the usual DJ set where the selector hid behind knobs and dials – this was a spellbinding experience with your senses overwhelmed by sounds and visions catered to this specific place, this specific audience, and this specific moment in time.

The set was a cinematic masterpiece. The players (with visuals created by Time Boy and StrangeLoop), and the mad genius of melody worked in splendid synchronicity. When the music stopped the visuals were right on cue, fading into a completely different scene or to nothing at all as FlyLo addressed the crowd. Effortlessly cool, his sentences almost always ended in laughter. “Who’s got the party house?” he quipped, “You know I wanna play all night!” We swooned collectively at the possibility, the sweetest daydream, the ultimate audiophile achievement: hanging out with a musical God.

Time is relative. That night we traveled by the speed of sound with the help of Captain FlyLo and his futuristic graphics. If you’ve never seen him live, I highly recommend it. It’s the easiest way to time travel without leaving this dimension.

Review by: Ty Velasquez
Photos by: Alexander Dantes