Halfway through the east coast leg of their behemoth of a North American fall tour, FIDLAR came to Terminal 5 in NYC to deliver their left coast fun to an eager, packed crowd.

Speaking of long-awaited, Toronto’s Dilly Dally are celebrating a return from a three-year hiatus with a brand-new full length album by joining FIDLAR on all of their North American dates through November.

Screaming back onto the scene after an internationally-acclaimed breakout, Sore, an endeavor that all but broke up the band, Dilly Dally have not disappointed with Heaven. Attention-grabbing from beginning to end, every lyric laying bare the struggles of handling friendship whilst on tour in lead singer Katie Monks’ signature snarl and the band’s heavy sludge; it’s even more piercing live with the weight of their impressive ode to emotional stability.

FIDLAR is known for being able to bring together a diverse group of people to jam and mosh away to their highly energetic savagery. Opening on “Alcohol” after a tension-building red light-filled stage laid over a room full of enthusiastic cheering, a glance back to the crowd revealed an immediate upheaval as all kinds of niche music fans melded together in a mosh for the ages.

This tour is everyone’s first chance at hearing the band’s newest singles, especially the frustration-filled critique of American capitalism and institutionalism “Too Real.” Signature gnarly riffs and rage-filled screaming bash everything from government corruption to EDM to smartphones – but, no, Zac, this wasn’t “too fucking real,” only real enough for us mistreated and disillusioned Americans in 2018.

FIDLAR and Dilly Dally are coming to San Diego’s Observatory North Park on October 18th, so you can experience the rhythm and the madness for yourself! Don’t miss out – tickets are on https://fidlarmusic.com/tour/.

Review and Photos by: Francesca Tirpak