Artist: Electric Healing Sound
Label: Workerbee Records
Track: “Whistling Song”

Lead vocalist Ricky Soltero may be singing “Cincinnati” in his lyrics for Electric Healing Sound‘s latest single, but there is no mistaking the sweet static and grit that only a Tijuana rock band can offer.

The freshly released Whistling Song opens up with a driving bass line that makes you want to do just that. More of a call to action than a head-banger, the song just may be the perfect soundtrack for leaving the San Diego skyline in your rearview as you speed towards the desert. Hissing guitar licks and a hip-shaking drum beat move the song forward at an almost paranoid pace that keeps you looking over your shoulder while turning up the volume.

EHS has been blending sticky melodies and feedback together since 2010, and have been referred to by many as a “minimalist garage band”. After keeping their fans in suspense for over two years, the band has officially released the single “Whistling Song” via Workerbee Records as a cassette and MP3. Drawing comparisons to Velvet Underground and finding its place on both sides of the border, The San Diego/Tijuana rockers appear to be back, and according to Workerbees website, ready to record a follow up album to 2012’s “Tangled Up” later on this year.

Accompanying the single is a new music video you may want to sit down for. Laced with lost signals and epileptic lights, the band has left the garage behind for, what I can only guess is, a UFO sightseeing station. The video not only complements the song’s frenetic demeanor well, but will have you dizzy and looking for your passport before it’s done. Healing sounds indeed.

By: Corey McComb