Colin Caufield and Andrew Bailey of DIIV Shreddin’

Indie rock band DIIV gave one hell of a performance, bringing dreamy shoegaze mixed with jangly pop; a distinctive sound that only this dynamic group can manage.

From signing autographs, taking photos, and dedicating songs to individuals, DIIV‘s frontman Zachary Cole Smith greeted fans waiting outside Music Box to soothe their inner hopes with dream pop riffs and post-punk revival feels. Unlike any other band out there, DIIV hit home with their latest singles from their second album Is the Is Are, giving everything they had to their San Diego fans from an energetic stage filled with raging musicians and blasting amps. Not long before their performance, we got a closer look at The Paranoyds taking over the stage and giving us the energy needed to start the show. Take a look at the photos from the show below.

The Paranoyds got the crowd hyped with their 60’s-esque garage rock tunes. They really pull off the power pop style with deep organ tones and spooky melodies. They quickly busted out the 1-minute jam “Bad Idea,” complete with a surfy chord progression and haunting keys that would be a perfect song to include in a Scooby Doo episode. Quirky guitarist and singer Stanz Lindes then guided the group to the next song “Freak Out,” a song that is very reminiscent of Parquet Courts. They continue their set with songs from their most recent release Eat Their Own, a 5-song EP with upbeat punk songs that go in heavy with distorted and fuzzed out guitars. The only complaint about their set was that their wasn’t enough moshing.

DIIV is one of those rare bands that sound even better live. To complement their amazing sound they had visuals projecting over their heads; a homemade video filmed through a VHS camera filled with Smith’s wacky shots including toilets, New York street life, a poster of Kurt Cobain with an anti-cross on his forehead, and more. The images on screen matched the band’s aesthetic perfectly. It gave a sense of nostalgia and made the crowded show feel intimate. To add to the intimacy, they asked the audience for requests. One fan was able to get them to play one of my personal favorites “Human,” a chill song about life itself, and what a life Smith has had. Coping with drug problems and having gone to rehab more than once, the ex-Beach Fossils member showed no signs of giving up during his performance. He seemed content doing in what he does best as the frontman of his own band.

The group went on for a long time, playing all the hits from their debut record Oshin and the most recent release Is the Is Are. After playing a short cover of “Black Hole Sun” to honor the passing of Chris Cornell, the group ended with “Doused,” a song with a strong bassline and melodic guitar leads. Just before walking off, Smith gave these parting words: “We are deeply flawed and insecure people.” However, I truly believe the exact opposite.

Photos by: Alexander Dantés
Review by: Luis Mireles