Diane Coffee

Diane Coffee

Photos By: Julie Pavlacka

By: Lara McCaffrey

Diane Coffee is the solo project of Shaun Fleming, first known as the drummer in pysch rock band Foxygen. Foxygen was met with critical acclaim and a massive fanbase. Judging by the strength of Diane Coffee’s full length release Everybody’s a Good Dog and their live performance Saturday night at the Hideout, Shaun Fleming is going to make waves on his own.

The night began at Hideout with San Diego based chill pill, the project of John Christopher Harris of Mystery Cave. Harris stood on the stage solo singing into a microphone against an electronic backing track. The End from Tijuana took the stage next, playing Strokes influenced rock music.

Diane Coffee closed out the show with a strong performance and a little bit of drama. It’s refreshing to see a little bit of theatrics added to intimate venues. After soundcheck, Fleming and his band made a grand entrance from the back of the bar to the dimly lit stage–as grand as it could get for a dive bar. The band wore all white with five pentagon shaped light fixtures hanging above them as they played.

Fleming and his band are terrific performers, the band played tight and Fleming has an amazing, soulful voice. All songs played were fantastic but the single “Everyday” was definitely a standout. Fleming kept the banter to a minimum, letting the songs flow from one to the next.

Next time Diane Coffee’s in town, go see them! This is a show you won’t want to miss.