Day Wave, along with Blonder and Dear Boy, brought sweet, indie sounds to the Casbah Tuesday night.

Jackson Phillips of Day Wave

Unlike many a sold-out show, these boys certainly had most of their audience packed in tightly long before the headliners ever took he stage. The main room felt packed during the openers, with many lounging in the Casbah’s outdoor patio area. Dear Boy kicked things off just before the listed show time, playing a fun set as fans continued to make their way in. For those new to Dear Boy, notable songs to check out include “Alluria,” “Local Roses,” and “Oh So Quiet.”

Next up, New York-based Blonder took the stage. They are every bit as good live as they are recorded, and the crowd bopped and grooved to every beat. Considering the closeness of the space, the crowd couldn’t help but get into every indie-alt-pop beat. Blonder just dropped their “$5” EP, which you can get for (you guessed it) $5. The bop “In and Out” is perfect for any of your summer soundtrack needs, while “Upstate” will get you up and moving in a situation. The set eventually concluded with their hit “Lean.” The boys also just dropped new single “Just Because,” so be sure to check that out!

The time finally rolled around for Day Wave to take the stage. Just under two months into the release of the hotly anticipated full-length The Days We Had, Day Wave’s Jackson Phillips did not disappoint. Phillips masterfully recreated the lo-fi dream pop heard on his album in a live space. The crowd couldn’t keep still despite the general closeness of the venue, and the music growing with every song. The set kicked out with “Something Here,” flowing into other newer tracks such as “Bring You Down” and “Wasting Time,” along with older tunes like “Total Zombie.” After a slowing things down with “You Are Who You Are,” Phillips picked things back up with his major tune “Drag” before closing the night with “Stuck” and “Promises.”

Jackson Phillips of Day Wave


Review by: Christine Heyne