Daley had us captivated with hypnotic falsettos and catchy choruses on Friday, November 17th at the Music Box.

Daley at The Music Box

Daley’s guitarist and drummer set the tone for the night immediately, with ambient pad sounds and rhythmic drumming. As Daley walked out, he entered the stage with a technicolor umbrella, compelling his musicians to pause for a brief second with the slight closing of the fist before be dove in to his set.

After his opening song, Daley greeted the audience and lovingly invited us all in a musical journey with songs from his most recently released album, The Spectrum. With a stage presence so warm, and simple movements it felt as though you were riding waves along with him.

Daley explained to the crowd how he wanted to find a way to satisfy them, seeing how most times he won’t play songs some fans came to hear. So, he created a medley of his own songs, which included songs from his Alone Together EP like “Game Over” as well from his first album Days & Nights. Daley also took a moment to share his purpose behind his music, and shared the aspects of what makes him an artist. He proceeded to conclude the show with “Until The Pain is Gone,” but not before inviting everyone to speak to him after the show.

Daley delivered a show designed to allow the audience to lose themselves in, with a guitarist, a drummer, and perfectly timed tracks, making for a well-cadenced show. Each audience member was able to be a partake in a journey of beautifully arranged R&B and ambient sounds.

Review by: Rachêl Barocio
Photos by: Sylvia Garcia Borgo