Photos By: Alex Fuller

By: Nicole Poegl

Boombox brought all kinds of funky to the Belly Up in Solana Beach on Saturday. With a sold out show and a  jam packed house full of the funkiest fools you could stand to meet in San Diego, everyone boogied together as if they all knew each other.

The opening DJ set with Ramona set the fire on the dance floor and warmed everyone up for Russ Randolph and Zion Godchaux of Boombox. Although this duo has a total of three albums in the last few years under their belt, including the January new release Filling in the Color, they seemingly have what can be considered a cult following, and for good reason. Their following has been deeply imbedded into the music scene before either of them were born. Lead singer Zion Godchaux is the son of Donna Jean Godchaux of Grateful Dead fame in the 1970’s. Although their music is far from folky psychedelic rock like the Dead, their jams certainly bring you funky psychedelic electronic rock. Considering this was a sold out show, you know they will return. If you dig ’em, come correct and follow, as their underground popularity move more tickets than a name on an event calendar and you would not want to miss the next event!