Big Bloom – Photo by: Jay Reilly

Big Bloom, alongside Brooklyn bands Ex-Girlfriends and Fruit & Flowers played the landmark Tower Bar in City Heights, bringing rambunctious energy to local, historical dive.

The 1930’s bar was covered in old-school beer ads and lit in neon Pabst Blue Ribbon signs and Pee Wee Herman on the projector. On Saturday night, it was filled with leather-cladded ladies and lots of stick ‘n’ pokes.

Fruit & Flowers kicked things off first, playing songs with a unique blend of raw, guttural growls and beautiful, perfectly pitched harmonies. The female-fronted band, plus two dudes on drums + keys, combined pretty and gritty so effortlessly, I bow down to these badasses.

Ex-Girlfriends played next, and I hope whatever stupid person ex’ed these ladies deeply regrets that decision, because they rule. Composed of five hot babes, some reppin’ black lipstick, baseball caps and skeleton dresses, the Brooklyn Spice Girls definitely rocked and rolled. At just a year old and touring on a brand new EP called You’re Next, I can’t wait to see what’s in store for them next.

Lastly, ListenSD favorites Big Bloom took the stage, an eclectic mix of a dude in a dress, a dude in overalls, a dude in a hockey jersey, and a sexy front woman wearing in her own band’s t-shirt. Singing into the the very appropriate retro, hand-held microphone, Katie Howard bellowed tracks off last year’s Heavy Angel while swaying around her signature red hair.

Tall cans were flowin’ and San Diego’s intimate music community had a damn good time supporting female rock stars and their art.

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Review by: Amanda Martinek
Photos by: Jay Reilly
Photos by: Rachel Frank