Photos By: Summer Luu

By: David Lopez de Arenosa 

If all you know about the band Big Data is that song ‘Dangerous’ that’s been blowing up on the radio for a while, then you would have fit right in with the rest of the crowd at the Hard Rock Hotel the other night. Yet nevertheless, the house was still sold out and the drunken dance moves were out in full force for the X Fest Pre Party, presented by 91X and headlined by the up and coming radio rockers.

After a quick Google search, it turns out that they are also known for an interactive music video called ‘Facehawk’ that they released with their hit song, in which you log into a webpage with your Facebook account and then it whips up a customized virtual hawk made up of your old profile pics and those of your friends as well. Creepy right?

Well it turns out that the eery paranoia vibes in ‘Dangerous’ and ‘Facehawk’ are a recurring theme for the band, as demonstrated by the strange pre-recorded robot voice that introduced itself as the ‘NSA’ at the start of the show and asked everybody in the audience to take lots of selfies, tweet about the show, and log into their bank accounts… And the general vibe in their songs also seemed to be about distrusting the government, stalking people on social media, and a myriad of other problems implied by their band name. The lead female singer was definitely doing the creepy eyes throughout the whole show as well.

But aside from that, their music was pretty upbeat and funky, and kept the drunken 91X crowd dancing all night. If they can come up with some more catchy tunes like ‘Dangerous’ then I’m sure we’ll be seeing more of Big Data in the future. That or they’ll just hack into our Facebook accounts and plaster our walls with links to their only well known song.