Beach-Goons-BoiSad-Album-Review-ListenSD.jpgArtist: Beach Goons
Album: BoiSad
Release Date: August 14, 2015
Self Released

Young, local and full of energy, I introduce to you, Beach Goons.

The band consists of bassist Alessandro Gonzalez, drummer Anthony Vasquez, and on guitar/vocals, Paul Cervantez. All born and raised here in San Diego, Beach Goons is an up and coming Surf-punk trio. With lyrics a lot of our younger audience can relate to, BoiSad brings a dark grunge sound that is evenly met with up beat fast dance tempos. Covering “Without U”, by Spooky Black, Paul Cervantez does an amazing job with transitioning the song onto guitar and making up the bass lines as well, not drowning out the slow R&B sound that the song was intended to have. With every song cutting at about 3 minutes I would say BoiSad shows a different part of the band in each one. Tracks fast enough to get a crowd rowdy and slow enough if you’re just having a tough day being a kid in high school. For dropping their first album I’m going to rate these boys a 7. Keep killing it Goons.

You can catch the boys on August 29th at the Way Strange Festival in Upland, CA at the Grizzly Den with Surf Curse, Together Pangea, Pouya, Tomorrows Tulips, Audacity, and many more. Also September 4th with Shady Francos at the Che Cafe.

You can follow their social media sites here

Instagram: @beachgoons

Twitta: @beach_goons


and you can check out new release at or on Spotify and iTunes.

By: April Almaraz