Bane’s World entered the stage to an erupting combination of applause and screams Friday, June 1 at The Irenic.

Bane's World

Bane’s World

Having never played the venue, he expressed his excitement to be performing at a church before beginning his set.  The band’s name comes from a combination of his first and last names – Shane and Blanchard; Unsure what to release his music under, he thought Bane’s World could work and has stuck with it since. Although a one man band when recording and producing, Bane’s World took the stage with best friend and opening artist Michael Seyer and his band. A mix of pop and jazz, Bane’s World has a unique sound that appeals both to youth and older audiences.

Undeniably close friends, Bane’s World and Seyer shared laughs and guitar solos producing a genuine performance that had the feeling of both a fun garage band as well as a tight, well-rehearsed set. Playing well known originals “You Say I’m in Love” and “Drowsy,” the crowd was singing along and hip-swaying the whole night. However, Bane’s World also performed classic sing-alongs that energized the audience further like “Under Pressure” by David Bowie and Queen, “Santeria” by Sublime, and even their own version of the Wii theme song!

A captivated audience stayed for as long as they could after the show: leaping and reaching for Shane Blanchard to sign anything from their tickets to their clothing. Eventually, The Irenic had to make him exit the stage. However, the enthralling experience of Bane’s World’s dreamy, jazz performance left a lasting memory.

Review and photos by: Garrett Seamans