Photos By: Darlene Portades

By: Jorge Valcárce

Au Revoir Simone closed out their West Coast Tour at the Casbah on Monday. They have been touring with the Lower 48 and Dresses for the last two weeks from Vancouver to San Diego. Au Revoir Simone are known for being an all girl, all keyboard trio from Brooklyn that create lofi-electronic-pop that is both catchy and fun.

Opening was the power trio The Lower 48 whose perfect harmonies, great drumming, and amazing energy came as a pleasant surprise for someone who was not familiar with the Portland based band. Dresses, also from Portland, slowed it down a bit and crooned away with nice harmonies of their own.

Au Revoir Simone took to the stage and the crowd was immediately treated to something new in the bands toolkit, a drum machine. Most songs had a very danceable electronic drumbeat that went great with the band’s songs and seemed to be a hit with the dancing crowd. Simone did not disappoint; they played their hits and a lot from their new album, Move in Spectrums, but what came through contagiously was how much fun the band was having. Their harmonies and singing were perfect and half way through the set their tour-mates the Lower 48 all came out to make a little “Dance Pit” front and center and everyone bopped away to the electronic pop that is the trademark of Au Revoir Simone. It is a really hard line to walk with catchy-pop songs, but Au Revoir Simone does it subtly and smartly and I couldn’t help but to be caught dancing the night away while singing along to the perfect falsetto harmonies.