Veteran rap group Atmosphere thanked the Observatory for “looking at us” last Friday night.


The duo, consisting of Slug (Sean Daley) and Ant (Anthony Davis), have been consistently putting out albums since 1996, with their latest, Mi Vida Local, released last October. They kicked off the show with a few off that record, but provided fan service throughout the rest of the set, playing hits “God Loves Ugly,” “Shoulda Known,” and “Sunshine.” Slug knew it, stating that “the ones who know the words to this song are really fucking old.” 

At times during the show, it was inspiring to see Slug close his eyes and focus and really get into the flows and vibe.  Commenting on “Guns & Cigarettes,” he said “[n]o matter how many times we perform this song, this one will always be my favorite.”  That song went on to be the most electrifying of the evening, as the energy on stage transferred effortlessly to the audience.


A true MC, Slug maintained a light atmosphere of fun, demanding the audience throw up their hands at certain points to remind them it’s about having a good time.  He cracked dad-like jokes in between songs, usually associating some of the titles with puns, always trying to catch the audience off guard.  He requested the crowd throw up the number one during the song “Onemosphere,” and a middle finger for the song “F’@k You Lucy.”  At the end of the emotional track “Yesterday,” Slug substituted the last few lyrics “Or am I just crazy cuz I miss you?” with “But I still smile!” 

The Friday night show at the Observatory seemed less about the artistry of the music as much as it was about being a performance to keep the crowd entertained.  Atmosphere’s goal was to create a positive experience for both the new and the loyal fans in the crowd, a goal they achieved.  For the last song, they ended with tradition, asking the crowd to link hands and raise them to the air before performing the banger “Trying To Find A Balance.”

Review by: Evan Platis
Photos by: Nicholas Regalado

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