We chatted with Local Obsession artist, Tyson King, and found out how he got started, what inspires him and what’s coming up next! Check it out and catch his at our next show with Work Drugs, Idyll Wild and Swim Team on August 28th at U-31.

You can see more of Tyson’s work on Tysonkingart.com and on Instagram @Tyson_king_art!


How did you get started as an artist?

Tyson King:  I guess you could say it’s the family business. My mom was in the Art grind when I was a kid. She used to let me try and sell my art at her booth when I was like six.

Many of your pieces are on wood, why are you drawn to this medium?

Tyson King: I grew up in Lake Arrowhead which is surrounded by trees. Also I took a woodshop class in high school. I wasn’t one for building things, but the teacher had a wood burning tool. So I taught myself how to make art with it. I’ve been using one ever since.

What is your art inspired by?

Tyson King: Positivity and Passion. I enjoy creating art that influences people in an uplifting way.

I know you’ve done quite a bit of traveling. How do you think this has affected your art?

Tyson King: My traveling experiences mean everything to me. When you leave the country to travel it forces you out of your comfort zone. You’re able to learn a lot about yourself and life itself. It’s the main influence behind the art that I’ve done so far.

Why do you like showing your art at ListenSD Local Obsession Nights?

Tyson King:  I enjoy the culture of those events. It’s a good crowd that comes out, and I always enjoy watching good live music while displaying my art.

Any upcoming projects in the works you’d like to share?

Tyson King: I’ll be showing at the next ListenSD event. Then I’ll be traveling out of the country again, this time to Nicaragua. So I’m sure my next showing will be influenced by that trip.