Ariel Pink

Ariel Pink

Ariel Pink and his band took Belly Up Tavern over, and just two songs in, he was shirtless.

He sported a harness-type choker, a fanny pack worn cross-ways, and the word ‘Lipstick’ etched across his chest, a reference to his track of the same name from his 2014 album, ‘pom pom’.

He performed nine tracks from the latest album, Dedicated to Bobby Jameson. Songs included “Time to Meet Your God,” “Dreamdate Narcissist,” “Time to Live,” “Another Weekend,” and “Kitchen Witch.” Each song was performed with an amped vibe, sweat dripping down Ariel’s face, supported by a solid 6-piece band, including vocalists.

There was a lot of nodding in unison, and dancing, as fans were in the zone. Ariel Pink’s zone is otherworldly.

His bandmate and girlfriend, Charlotte Ercoli, wearing a baggy pantsuit and Adidas, was given a mid-set nod, by Ariel Pink saying that, “she wears the pants around here.”

I last saw Ariel Pink, this past June, at a much smaller San Diego venue. At that time he was performing with Italian musician, Franco Falsini and Falsini’s longtime music project, Sensations’ Fix. In a most unusual fashion, Ariel Pink performed their entire set, seated with his guitar, facing the rear of the stage. His back was to the audience, the entire time, but oddly it worked.

This show’s encore was like an on on-stage after-party. Ariel Pink, his Band, singer Ercoli, and the Comedic Opener, Nina Tarr all jammed and danced on stage. Followed by stage diving and crowd surfing by a few of the onstage revelers, including Ercoli, Tarr, Ariel Pink, and a crew member.

After Ariel Pink, his band, and the entourage left the stage, all that remained was an altar, dedicated to singer-songwriter, Bobby Jameson.

This makeshift shrine, was set up in a vintage suitcase. It included a ‘head shot’ of Jameson, surrounded by artificial flowers, and battery-operated candles, burning bright.

The altar, a nod of course, to the title of his latest album, Dedicated to Bobby Jameson, which was released September of 2017.

Following this show at the Belly Up, and his sold-out show at Los Angeles’ Regent Theater, the tour now heads to Australia.

Review by: Jackie Ferguson