Photos By: Rachel Frank

By: Amanda Martinek

On Tuesday night at Soda Bar in North Park, I had the complete pleasure of checking out Canadian female punk band White Lung and bay area ‘cloud rapper’ Antwon with his hype man Sad Andy. It was a rad show for several reasons:

  1. Soda Bar on a Tuesday night is not Soda Bar on other nights, because the crowds stayed home and the epic and unruly music fans came out to play.
  2. Antwon opened and the dude tore it up. I can’t claim to be an expert about rap but this guy is blowing up right now for a reason. With a background in punk, the way Antwon raps is the way velociraptors decompose up their prey. Raw, brutal, fucking awesome. And then you meet the guy later and he’s nicer than can be.

  3. Sad Andy was the best hype guy ever. He was super hyped. And he was definitely not as sad as you’d think with a name like that. A total sweetheart.

  4. White Lung consists of three girls who absolutely rip and have a taste for tequila, and one guy who looks like he’s having the best time ever. They scream and shout and go hard and fast and they are rad.

  1. PR denied ListenSD an interview but Antwon & Mish Way of White Fang were cool and let us chat with them anyway.
  • Magical pizza appeared at the end of the night. How many shows do you go to where pizza arrives right when you wish it were there?

  • ListenSD may or may not have found the best new intern ever. Only time will tell…

  • Check out Antwon:
    Check out White Lung:
    Meet Sad Andy: