Photos By: Zachary Boelter

By: Joseph MacRae

Action Bronson‘s Magical Mr. Wonderful Tour rolled into North Park last Thursday at The Observatory North Park. It was the Queens rapper’s 3rd time in San Diego, and he was back to perform his well-known wild and sometimes unpredictable on-stage antics. He did not disappoint the sold out crowd.

Before Bronson became a rapper, he worked as a cook at his father’s restaurant in Queens when he was a kid. Growing up in the food industry, Bronson’s passion for cooking led him to attend culinary school in New York. He worked at restaurants in Queens, Manhattan and at Citi Field for the New York Mets, but one night, everything changed.

While cooking on the line at a restaurant, he tripped, broke his leg, went to the hospital and was out of work for several weeks. During this time Bronson rekindled with hip hop and started to write lyrics. Groups such as Wu Tang, Kool Rap G, Mobb Deep and Nas inspired the Bronson to find his own voice. He came out with his first mix tape in January 2011 and a few months later, Bronson released Dr. Lecter, his first studio album, in March 2011.

Before Action Bronson hit the stage on Thursday, DJ Alchemist opened the show with a set of his own. The well known producer/DJ from LA, who is currently Eminem’s full time DJ, played a collective set of old school hip hop, funk and jazz. Action Bronson finally appeared, as the crowd roared with emotions and love for Bronson, chanting “Bronson! Bronson!”. He opened the show with four new tracks off of his new album, Mr Wonderful. He brought out long time friend MC Bid Body Bes on his second song “The Rising”. Bronson later switched it up and played some old tracks off Blue Chips 2, including “Jackson and Travolta” and “The Dons Cheek”.

I didn’t know what to except from an Action Bronson show, but this was definitely one of the better hip hop shows I’ve been too. From fights in the crowd that lead to people getting kicked out, to beers being split all over West Coast Tavern and freestyle battles in the smoking section, all in all, this was the definition of a true hip hop show.

For awhile there was definite lack of good hip hop shows in San Diego, but ever since the lovely people at the Observatory purchased North Park Theater, there has been a change in the hip hop scene. From five dollar shows for both Pharycde and GZA a few months ago, to Wale and Action Bronson and to upcoming shows like Mos Def (4\21) and Jedi Mind Tricks (6\13), as a hip hop fan, all I can say is thank you and keep em’ coming.

Be sure to check out Action Bronson show on Vice called “Fuck, That’s Delicious