Conjurers of the places where imagination, culture and elevated dialogue persist, A Ship In The Woods’ “Ship Fest” brings an astonishing cast of talent to Felícita Park in Escondido.

Join them as part of inaugural event meant to share good times, enlighten minds, and support a community of emerging and established local and international artists. To learn more about the festival, we spoke to Lianne Thompson Mueller, curator and co-executive director at A Ship In The Woods.

Where does the name A Ship In The Woods come from?

A Ship In the Woods is a description of our original location; a 1.5-acre property nestled in the woods of Del Mar. The house looked like a boat that docked itself in a forest, hence the name. However, throughout the years it has come to symbolize the ideas of exploration, discovery, and the wilds of our imaginations.

What were the principles and reasons for forming this organization? How have the
artistic dialogues and mission statements changed over the years?

It was initially a place to have what we call “elevated dialogues;” we felt it was necessary had to have a location where the community could engage with topics that were important in defining its identity and culture. Art has served in many cases through out history as a vessel to discuss, create, and construct culture, we felt that in order to achieve our mission of engaging our community we had to promote the symbiosis of art, dialogue, and identity. As an organization we’ve evolved greatly by utilizing multidisciplinary approaches to our events and adding a fantastic collaborators to our roster including but not limited to music, art, and the sciences while complementing the core values and principles we began with.

A Ship In The Woods

A Ship In The Woods

Ship Fest mirrors many events you’ve had in the past; how is it different, and what can
we expect?

This festival is larger in scale than anything we’ve done before; it’s a culmination and extension beyond our past events. By enlisting the help of many local community leaders, businesses, and other organization we’ve been able to bring together a talented cast of artists and musicians from a wide variety of genres and disciplines. Notable bands such as Built to Spill and Ice Balloons, a New York super band featuring members of TV On The Radio, Surfbort, and Midnight Masses will be sharing the stage with emerging local acts such as Hexa and Spooky Cigarette. The immersive art installations will focus on social practices, ecology and will feature notable installations from Dr. Chris Warren (Museum of Making Music, The Fleet Science Center) alongside the southwestern college experimental contemporary art class. We will also have conscious forward products on display and sale from our generous and carefully selected sponsors. A variety of food trucks will be serving up delicious food and we even have a special area dedicated for children and their families.

Where a festival takes place is just as important as the acts that are billed. How you choose Felicita Park, and what does it represent to you?

The festival takes place in Felicita County Park in Escondido with in a 50 acre oak grove. The location itself is representative of California’s beauty and the picturesque environment present here in San Diego. It was important for us that this festival took place in a natural realm as ecology and social practices are themes present in the installations and elevated dialogues of A Ship In The Woods. I believe its also important that we can be transformed by a location, that we still can happen on something incredible and out of the ordinary in the middle of the woods. The location is directly linked to our organizations view on art, nature and there links to the imagination. Most of all it will be a wonderful setting for visitors to explore nature, music, art and culture.

A SHIP IN THE WOODS Music and Art Festival will take place at Felicita
County Park in Escondido, California, within a 50 acre oak grove, which includes trails and a 1,000-year- old stream, situated in North County San Diego on Saturday, June 16th and Sunday, June 17th.

A Ship In The Woods' 'Ship Fest'

Ship Fest

The astounding and diverse line-up features more than twenty musical acts and more than twenty-five art installations and exhibits. This is an all-ages event at which families are welcome. Food trucks and vendors supporting conscious forward products and practices will be on hand.

ONLINE TICKETS: One and two day general and VIP admission tickets
PHYSICAL TICKETS: Physical tickets are available at Vinyl Junkies Record Shack, 2235 Fern St., San Diego, CA 92104 (across the street from Whistle Stop)

Interview by: Rory Morison