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Photos by: Rachel Frank

By: Lilia Calip

If the rain has ever stopped San Diego residents from going out, no one would have known by the crowd that filled the Casbah for the Delorean show on February 6. The spectators were as diverse as the Spanish band’s sound that packed the dance floor from front to back.

Their set list flowed seamlessly from one track to the next as they showered the crowd with what felt like an electronic jam session from heaven. Many if not all of the members hydrated with water instead of beer all night and their playing quality showed it. Their sound remained consistently clean even while they hopped from instrument to instrument like Prince.

They got the crowd moving with their energetic build-ups and keyboardist Unai Lazcano’s crazy-legged dance moves. The tracks played were less head-bob, more full-body movement and no one was safe from induction into one of the many dance circles that filled the venue.

After all, a band named after the time machine in Back to the Future almost instantly has a head start on this game.