1/2 Fest

1/2 Fest

Field Trips collective in San Diego is doing something very rare and special for our contemporary narcissistic society. It’s giving back.

Since its formation in 2015, Field Trips has been actively participating in the community by fostering the vibrant all ages music scene, organizing events to bring together the self-segregated art communities, and doing so under a noble initiative that directly benefits social groups in crisis.

Coming off a very successful Be Well Fest which raised $2000 for the San Diego chapter of the American Foundation for suicide prevention, Field Trips is at it again with 1/2 Fest.

1/2 Fest, whose proceeds are being donated to the youth services division of the San Diego LGBT Community Center, is the inaugural event in what will become a regular series. 1/2 Fest will focus on donating proceeds to a rotating list of relevant charities and bringing bands together with either one or two players in their rosters.

This particular 1/2 Fest features two days jam packed with diverse music projects such as South Bay’s one-woman hypno pop, phenom Delahcruz, local nu-gaze duo Vákoum, LA’s intoxicating psych duo HOTT MT, and San Diegan new wave, dream pop auteur Island Boy.

Along with a raffle and dozen of rad prizes, I will here and now solemnly swear without a shadow of a doubt that attendees will leave with a warmhearted feeling knowing they were a part of something greater than themselves (that will last longer than the ringing in their ears).

1/2 Fest takes place on September 23rd & 24th. Tickets can be purchased here.

Words by: Rory Morison