This one isn’t easy to write.

By now, you’ve seen the news from Sunday’s country music festival in Las Vegas. It’s the third terrorist attack at a music event in recent memory, joining the attacks at the Ariana Grande show in Manchester and at the Eagles of Death Metal concert in Paris.

It’s infuriating on every level. So, what do we do? How do we move forward? A few thoughts:

Keep Going to Shows

It’s easy to think that you can keep attending events because the odds of something terrible happening are low, and that’s thankfully true. But even as the odds rise, treat going about your daily life as, sadly, an act of defiance, because it now is.

Know the Exits

Take the right precautions, which doesn’t just mean earplugs anymore. Have an exit plan. Know how you came in, and know where the other exits are.

Contact your Representatives

By going to the official US House of Representatives website, you can find who your congressional representatives are. ListenSD isn’t going to tell you how to feel or what action to take, but whatever steps you think should be taken to effectuate a positive change, tell your representatives. If you aren’t registered to vote and are eligible, you can register here. Use your voice.

Stay safe out there. We love you.

By: David Israel