The Frights kicked off their Hypochondriac tour this past Friday with a sold out show at Observatory North Park, and provided an eager crowd with an experience that they will never forget.

This date had been saved on our phones for sometime now, it was a perfect event for the end of summer and one last hoorah. This was a night that we celebrated the release of the Frights new album Hypochondriac, a new fresh new sound that most “old” Frights fans weren’t used to.

But this past Friday was a show for both new and old Frights fans. They opened up the set with fan favorite “Kids,” sending the young crowd into an all out frenzy. That frenzy had almost doubled in size when Frights came out with new track “Crutch;” at this point it looked like the whole floor of the Observatory North Park was grooving. For the encore, they did the unimaginable and played their first ever EP “Dead Beach” in full, which in a way seemed like a thank you to all the true Frights fans.

Check out the photos from the magical night, and go buy the new Frights album Hypochondriac, out now!

Photos and Review by: Nicholas Regalado