The Drums at Observatory North Park by Jackie Ferguson for ListenSD

The Drums

“My life feels pretty abstract most of the time. I never really feel present, but tonight in San Diego I’m completely here with you” – Jonny Pierce

The Drums played a sold-out show at the Observatory in North Park with Chai as their openers. The Japanese punk rock band started off the show with high energy and redefined the typical definition of the genre. Their dynamic style came alive with songs like “N.E.O” off their Pink album. 

Their use of synthesizers, drums, and electric guitars for songs like “Choose Go!” off their latest album PUNK breaks the mold of the punk rock genre, creating a band unlike anything out there. The unlikely pairing of CHAI and The Drums overall created a 80s new wave feel, giving the crowd an energetic dance party. 

The Drums started off the show with a dreamy, lazy summer day vibe with “Days.” The overall ambiance and setup of the show made you feel like it was just Jonny and you in the room. His dance moves were the highlight of the show. The Drums played many songs off Portamento and their self-titled album, with their biggest hits “Money” and “Let’s Go Surfing”. 

The Drums captured the 80s new wave vibe, channeling their Joy Division influence and transforming it into surf rock. The indie band got the crowd hyped up the entire show with people crowd surfing, including the ListenSD panda, who making an appearance throughout the night!

Photos by: Jackie Ferguson
Review by: Mashal Rasul

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