Rogue Wave

Zack Rogue Performing in Solana Beach

Photos By: Alexander Dantés

This past weekend we were graced by the Oakland indie natives Rogue Wave, where they performed hits such as “Eyes” to new songs off their latest album, Delusions of Grand Fur.

Zack Rogue (Lead Vocalist) mesmerized the crowd, who were eager to hear the alternative  and experimental sounds of this journeyman. Before Rogue Wave took the stage, soothing songs from Floating Action were there to set the ambience. Originating from Black Mountain, North Carolina, Seth Kauffman (Lead Vocalist of Floating Action) eased the crowd with their folk fused indie-rock to set the mood at Belly Up Tavern for a night to remember and ListenSD got a glimpse of all of it. Check out the photos!