Polyrhythmics at Belly Up by Nicholas Regalado for ListenSD


The Polyrhythmics funky 8-piece band had Belly Up Tavern dancing the night away!

Before the Polyrhythmics took the stage, San Diego based Elektric Voodoo had everyone dancing to classic grooves peppered with Latin beats, blues, and even some psych rock. The dance floor was moving and grooving and ready for more.

Songs from The Polyrhythmics newest album, Caldera, fueled the evening’s setlist. “Spider Wolf,” a sweet tune with awesome solos (including a flute solo) brought the audience to life with a cruising groove punctuated with a hot horn section and a percussion cadence that laid out the foundation for each instrument to boogie over. “Marshmallow Man,” an interesting song, started off with spooky-sounding keys, then hit with a funky guitar riff and staccato horns. Coming in at almost a full six and a half minutes long, the song still ended entirely too soon! Chock full of dramatic phrases, it was definitely a moody track that enticed the audience and took them on a roller coaster ride of musical highs and lows.

The beauty of this band is that each section holds its own musically, but when taken together, magic happens. The communication between band members was precise and perfect; Each song had its own flavor and kick, and kept people dancing throughout the entire set. As an instrumental band with minimal lyrics, they did an amazing job at keeping the crowd wondering what they were going to do next. Producing a united sound with 8 different people and 8 different instruments is a challenge not many can meet, but The Polyrhythmics have shown that not only can they crush that challenge, but also set the bar even higher.

Watching this band live is a must if you love music and appreciate what it takes to make music with other musicians. If you want sounds dripping of talent and passion, combined with dancing and overall feel-good vibes, then go push play on Polyrhythmics music!

Photos by: Nicholas Regalado
Review by: Melissa Rubbo