In the wake of a very recent new release, we find POLIÇA rocking The Belly Up in Solana Beach, CA with an energy that can only be fueled by their fantastic new album Shulamith.

POLIÇA delivers the perfect combination of up-tempo and down-tempo tunes cohesively blended in both a synthy and organic way, thanks to two drummers, a bass, and the lead singer rocking a synthesizer. The lead singer Channy Leaneagh is a multifaceted and dainty powerhouse, with a Sinead-like delicacy and rebelliousness, owning her role as a performer moving confidently across the stage with a surprising assertiveness. Bassist Chris Bierden contributes vocals and as a whole the band delivers a great deal of synchronicity from lulls to highs, and song to song, especially considering most of their time spent together as a full band is generally on tour. Polica is something you could dance to or chill to and the new album Shulamith delivers a bit of diversity in moods, from dark and sensual, to upbeat and boogie-friendly. If Chain My Name doesn’t make you move you might want to check your pulse, because you’re probably dead.

Photos By: Alex Fuller

By: Nicole Poegl