Of Montreal delivered a visually captivating show at the Music Box Monday evening.

Adorned in a blonde wig, orange crop top, pink leggings and heels, Kevin Barnes skipped across the stage, closely following a white, shaggy monster with a glowing red face.

If you have seen Of Montreal before, this flamboyant, sensory overload is nothing out of the ordinary. Starting off with “Gratuitous Abysses” on their most recent album, Innocence Reaches, the crowd danced and echoed the falsetto vocals of “ooh oohs.” Muscle men came out to jump around stage in unison with Barnes as “Let’s Relate” fired up an active crowd.

Pro-gay, feminist, anti-war propaganda flashed across white banners against the backdrop throughout the set, topped off with dominatrix cops, mice priests, and hero/villain characters fist fighting around the grooving singer. The band played a little bit of everything from their impressive 14 album catalog, saving the melodic masterpieces from “Hissing Fauna, Are you the Destroyer?” for the end of the set. Both new fans and old left the Music Box feeling jittery and excited from a dance-y, fun evening.

Photos: Lilay Cai