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Photo By: Brittany Bueno

As San Diego’s local music scene continues to grow, ListenSD wants to keep you informed with who’s hot, and well, we just won’t talk about who’s not.

Often when I get into conversations with people about music, they often say things like, “San Diego doesn’t know anything about music” or “the music scene here is dead”. Many of those human beings are most likely shopping at Urban Outfitters, or listen to nothing but What A Time To Be Alive by Future and Drake. Don’t worry guys, ListenSD is here to open your eyes and souls.

I bring you, The Velvet Club, a band who is infiltrating the San Diego music seen swiftly. Sexy, cool and mysterious, with a classic rock glam sound, TVC rocks you with aggressive cords and eases you back down with sweet smooth vocals. Coming together you have Gera Zuniga on drums, John Bilben on guiar/vocals, Chris Enjambre on bass, and Ruben Agundez on guitar. I got the chance to catch up with them after one of their shows at The Office and throw a couple of questions at them.

How did you guys come about, and did you use to be known by a different name?

John: Well we use to be called Casanova Frankienstien, and we went by that name for a while, and we kinda had to switch up band members and now we are called Velvet Club. We’ve been friends for years.

Cool. What are your inspirations when you guys are putting music together?

Gera: I think uhh that new wave stuff, that 80s kind of stuff. That kind of feel fursure.

John: I’m gonna give you a really corny answer, my inspiration for making creating music is love and hate, pain, and joy. All of it ya know.

Chris: My inspiration for making music is doing something that is not generic. Making people question what they are listening to, in a good way.

Are you guys booking in 2016 or are you laying low?

John: Yeah, so we’ve got the first of January at the Merrow, the sixth at the Casbah and the twenty-first at the Soda bar. Just kinda whoring ourselves out right now, letting people see our faces and hear our music.

Sick, so aside from this, is anyone doing any solo projects or anything?

John: Well these three guys have an other band called Minor Gems.


John: Ruben, Chris and Jerry and our other friend. They are going to be playing shows in 2016.

Chris: We have a show at The Black Cat on the 23rd.

What kind of music is that?

Chris: Dream Rock.

Awesome! So my favorite question to ask is, who is your favorite under the radar artist?

Gera: Breakbot, i mean he’s pretty fucking famous but not as famous as he should be.

John: I think he could tour with Daft Punk. So lately there’s this band that i think is worthy of paying attention to, their called Part Time. Their on burger records. Other than that i listen to corny shit. I’ve been listening to Keith Sweat a lot haha. I gotta shout out to my soul brother George Lewis JR from Twin Shadow, he’s always going to be a huge fucking influence.

Gera: Ive got to say something right here. This guy right here,(points to John), went to go play with Twin Shadow, and he tried out and i mean… it was good it was good.

John: Why would you even bring that  up right now? Haha

Chris: Well Gera took my answer! But a band that i gave a chance and actually listened to was Ray Pilla.

Ruben: I like Tame Impala. But um.. Winter. I think they are from Echo Park.

As the smokers circle started to form, I took a second to thank the boys for taking a minute and talking with me and we can count on seeing more them in 2016.

By: April Almaraz

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