I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect from Leeds band, Weirds. But, DAMN, I was impressed. This and more great bands from Day Two of Liverpool International Festival of Psychedelia!

Guantanamo Baywatch

Guantanamo Baywatch


Having such an early set time, you wouldn’t expect for these Brits to drown you with their heavy infectious rock with psychedelic riffs. They reminded me of a mix of Foals with antics like Sam Herring of Future Islands. But these boys are definitely doing their own thing and I loved every second of it.

Lead singer Aidan Razzall had drool falling from his mouth as he screamed into the mic and jumped out into the crowd. I cringed as he wrapped the wire from the microphone around his neck tightly enough to leave red marks. It was beautiful and passionate and made the crowd feel something. Thank you, WEIRDS, for being really fucking weird.


Los Angeles psych rockers Cosmonauts know how to pull you into their 60s time warp tunnel and spin you upside down until you drown in a bathtub of cherry colored bubbles. With a light show that made your brain feel like you’re slowly melting onto a piece of electric toast, they filled the hall as the sounds started oozing out of the speakers. 

Guantanamo Baywatch

This surf rock garage rockabilly trio sent Liverpool to a swamp rock and roll heaven where the frogs are sticking their tongues out to catch tabs of LSD, the water is rainbow-colored, and hot babes float by on lily pads. (At least that’s what I felt when they began their set.) The room packed up with hot sweaty bodies of beautiful U.K. folk that started to head bang and twirl to their set. The only thing that could’ve made their set better is if David Hasselhoff showed up in his Baywatch gear. Maybe next year.

DJ tent

I don’t know who was spinning but I do know that when I heard “These Boots Were Made for Walking,” I kicked up my boots so high, ran in the middle of that dance circle and shook my boots and my head so hard until sweat was dripping down the crevice of my spine. I danced so hard that I had to stop for some water. Thank you DJ tent for putting the music back in my soul. Shout out to That Fucking Panda twirling people around as well! 

Jane Weaver

Discovering this English singer songwriter on a Spotify Discover Weekly playlist, I didn’t know much about her until seeing her live at the Liverpool Psych Fest. The room packed up with what looked like almost a cult following for this Liverpool hometown hero. Her infectious vocals and 80s synth pop sounds overtook the crowd. 

Photos by: Francesca Tirpak
Review by: Rachel Frank