LISTENSDYukonBlonde_01BWWe sat down with the members of the Vancouver-based band Yukon Blonde before their recent Soda Bar show with Ft. Lean and CHAPPO. In the interview, the band discusses their recently released LP, On Blonde, the ups and downs of touring life, 1980s movies, and much, much more.

What are the highlights and lowlights of touring life for you guys?
Jeff: I think the highlights are pretty obvious – really amazing shows, you get to travel around and see pretty amazing natural wonders and monuments. We’ve been to the Grand Canyon, we’ve done a lot of cool stuff. Lowlights are, um, . . . I don’t know, we tour pretty easy. We all really like each other, so it’s pretty easy, but sometimes, you know, the van breaks down. What was that place we got stuck over night? It turned into a totally . . . In Oregon, remember?
Brandon: Ummm, . . . yeah the town in Oregon. Yeah it was just on the border of Oregon and California. Yeah, our tire fell off – it was punctured so we had to kinda disband. Two had to go get a tire and two had to go get a hotel room and meet up in the middle, little stuff like that.
Your new album would be a great soundtrack for the 1980s John Hughes films, Breakfast Club, Sixteen Candles, Ferris Bueller. So that made me wonder, what would be one of your favorite movies from your childhood or your teenaged years?
Jeff: Oh man, I have to think on this one. This one is tough because I love 1980s movies so much. Are you saying if we were to score it, or if it this was to be the soundtrack to one of them?
Your favorite, something that you’ve watched 150 times?
Jeff: It’d be Home Alone. Home Alone is one of our favorites.
Brandon: A John Hughes movie. Trains, Planes and Automobiles – another John Hughes movie! Love that one. Uncle Buck – another John Hughes movie!
Jeff: Breakfast Club.
Brandon: Yeah, Breakfast Club is amazing.
Rebecca: What about Pretty in Pink, you guys?
Brandon: Are you a Pretty in Pink fan?
Rebecca: That is my favorite John Hughes movie for sure. I’ve watched Sixteen Candles. I love Jake Ryan like every girl in the world does. But Pretty in Pink is my favorite. I love how bad, I don’t remember the actor’s name right now. The funniest thing about that movie is just I get no “dad vibes” at all from him even though he is her dad. You should re-watch it. There are some moments where I am kind of a little bit creeped out.
Jeff: My real favorite 1980s movie has got to be Bladerunner. Bladerunner is like the best 1980s movie.
The band were such good sports, they continued the interview by playing a fun game. All five members were forced to debate and decide between David Bowie or David Byrne, burritos or hamburgers, Catwoman or Wonderwoman, and other difficult word pairs.
The band has a handful of remaining US dates before heading back to Canada for the rest of their tour. Keep them on your radar and don’t miss them when they come back to town.

Interview By: Sylvia Garcia Borgo