Belmont Lights, the four piece band from San Diego recently won the “Musician of the Year” RAW Artists award at the National level.Belmont-Lights

Yep, that means they beat all the other brands nominated from cities all over the nation and they are from our own backyard. ListenSD had the pleasure of chatting with Isaiah Blas, the band’s singer and songwriter.

Belmont Lights won the 2013 National RAW Artists “Musician Of The Year” Award. How did it feel?

Isaiah: It was really awesome and exciting & humbling all at the same time! We were really honored to even be considered for the award amongst such awesome & talented bands.

Did any new opportunities/recognition come from winning?

Isaiah: Yes! We were featured on the homepage of Reverbnation & with that came thousands of new fans & plays on our music. It was really cool. We also got to play at the award show at the Exchange LA and meet some amazing & talented artists. It’s been really fun & an honor to get connected with the Raw family.

Where does the name Belmont Lights come from?

Isaiah: Our name comes from the lights that flash from the rollercoaster at the Belmont Park in Mission Beach (San Diego, CA). We wanted something that represented and had a piece of our hometown.

How long has Belmont Lights been together?

Isaiah: We have been together for about 2 years now with this lineup & as Belmont Lights.

You just released your EP “Empyrean Kings”. What was the recording process like?

Isaiah: We wanted to do this album in a different way than we did our debut EP, Telegraphs. With Telegraphs we recorded at one of the most prestigious studios in LA, Westlake Studios & we’re able to use some of the finest gear available. It was really an awesome process, but we also ran into the issue of time management vs. creative adjustments. So this time we rented a farm in Capay, CA for two months and converted it to a studio to write and record our new album. We brought our producer Alejandro Barajas in and we were all emerged in the process. Two months with seven guys and the nearest neighbor being one mile away, it was definitely interesting. But we loved the process and are really stoked with the outcome.

What’s coming next for Belmont Lights?

Isaiah: The next thing for us is touring and promoting this new record. We have some pretty cool TV and movie placements coming up this year as well.


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Interview By: Amanda Martinek